Released June 20, 2024

Resonance #8

The Resonance Cycle

Divine Invasion

The invitation is clear: In six months, Ty will have the opportunity to save those he loves, but only if he’s willing to risk everything on another world, for selfish gods…

Theater of War

The stakes are higher than ever, as the gods take an active role in preparing the Earth for their invasion. Soon, it will all become one giant Theater of War.

Past’s Price

Having overcome some of the worst they could throw at him, Ty begins to forge his own path. In doing so, he unlocks one of the greatest mysteries of the Resonance.

All Series by Aaron Renfroe

The Resonance Cycle

LitRPG, Isekai/portal series with an unconventional class type.

Meet Ty. He, and thousands of other humans have been summoned and given one mission: choose a god and power up as fast as you can.

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio.

Father of Constructs

Optimistic LitRPG with a dash of Slice of Life

Meet Harvey. He’s a simple man, nearing the end of his life. When he kills the World Boss and earns the one-million experience point bounty, everything changes.

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio.

Spite the Dark

LitRPG/Progression that combines elements classic action films with the violence and beauty of anime.

Meet Kaden. He’s been raised according to the roadmap of the future that his father received, all so he can wage a relentless battle against the impending apocalypse.

Available in Ebook and Print, Book 1 available in Audio.

The Null

GameLit, sci-fi horror mystery.

Meet Echo. Her mutation means a single touch from her can destroy advanced technology. Not to mention, she has the equivilent of a top-tier special forces operator at a galactic level.

Ebook and Print releasing in July!


Aaron uses a unique style that always keeps you wanting more, but also knowing he’ll deliver later on!

– Mike, Discord Reviewer

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