Resonance 6 has been edited, organized, and uploaded.
The Eldritch Artisan – Father of Constructs Book 3 – is up to 61% of goal as of today. The story feels very strong right now. It’s basically made of heart, as these stories should be.

I know the ending, and have everything plotted out. We should see “The End” within 14ish days. Sooner if I can make it happen.

After that, Resonance 7.

Audio for Spite 1 is being recorded now.

Audio for Resonance 5 begins in February.

Assuming we hit order threshold on Spite 1, audio for Spite 2 will begin in March.

Audio for Resonance 6 begins in April.

Oh. Did I mention we’re recording Master of Steel now, too? Audiobook should be done in March or April, I think.